Vosteen Consulting: the experts in mercury control

If you are tackling mercury emission problems at your plants as e.g. coal-fired utility boilers (power generation), combustors for municipal waste, hazardous waste, sewage sludges, toxic waste water – or at thermal treatment plants for contaminated soils and at other calcination processes – we provide solutions based on our patented technologies as e.g. the Bromine-Enhanced Mercury Oxidation (BEMO) technology.

Vosteen Consulting can assist you not only in improvements of wet and dry mercury capture, but also in other air pollution control amelioration, and we can help you in process optimization as the heightening of the combustion capacity and of the burn out (oxigen enrichment of the combustion air), prolongation of the kiln's brick life by controlled slagging (inner and outer thermografy of the rotary kiln), minimization of corrosion and emissions in combustion of halogenated liquid wastes (sulfur-dosing-ramp).

We have provided consulting experience to clients in USA, Europe and China for more than 15 years. The world's largest lignite-fired power plant Belchatow in Poland has been using our bromine-enhanced mercury capture technology at all of its power plant units since 2021 (5.1 GWel).

Since January 2022, Vosteen Consulting GmbH has been working across Europe with Steinmueller Engineering, Gummersbach, on mercury abatement.

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Current operational tests for improved wet Hg capture using our precipitation agent PRAVO®200 at several hazardous waste incineration plants from SARP-Industries-Veolia (France) and mercury monitoring at municipal waste incineration plants.

Tests were carried out at hazardous waste and domestic waste incineration plants in Italy and England.

Supply of operating agents

Operating agents such as aqueous CaBr2 solutions as oxidizing agent or our PRAVO®100 or PRAVO®200 as precipitating agents are produced by our long-standing partners ICL-IP Europe BV (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and Panchemie Dr. Fülöp (Kerpen, Germany).


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Licensing & Application

In collaboration with partners such as Andritz Energy & Environment (Graz, Austria) or SARP Industries-Veolia (Limay, France), we are planning and conducting plant trials based on our patented technologies and issue any required test licenses or later operating licenses. 

Analysis & Consulting

For the purpose of improving air pollution control at combustion plants (such as coal-fired power plants and waste incineration plants), we analyse such plants together with you and determine and evaluate economically advantages co-benefit solutions  using our BEMO-Technology (bromine-based mercury oxidation) and our inorganic precipitation agents (PRAVO®100 and PRAVO®200).

SARPI Veolia relies on the patented technology of Vosteen Consulting

For more than 3 years, Vosteen Consulting has been working closely with SARPI Veolia to reduce mercury emissions in domestic and hazardous waste incineration plants in France. The technology is in continuous use in many French plants and is gradually being extended to other plants.

Together we fight environmental pollution and prepare your plants for the future.

The cooperation with strong partners such as Andritz Energy & Environment (Graz, Austria) and SARP Industries-Veolia (Limay, France) is very important for us in order to implement our technology quickly and widely in numerous power plants.